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I should just get a lookbook. I'm sad that I'm behind on everyone on here.

Toilet blog!!!

This one was a bit of a fail

looked FAT in this one

y i cant be beautiful like her

he's wearing mining boots from 1911. i want some.
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Hey it deleted all my text! What's the deal with that?

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My shirt is too tight, but I'm digging my made in LA clearance chambray shorts.

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I got to work at 8, but I wasn't awake until after 11.

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"I'm looking California but feeling Minnesota" -Chris Cornell, "Outshined"

I'm really happy with these shorts, Finnistre or something. They're apparently a British brand but made in Portugal. I sometimes worry Portugal is the sweatshop of Europe, but the price would indicate otherwise. I got them on clearance, thinking it was the normal, reasonable price, and then I saw they are actually way more expensive. Cool. They are long enough that they sometimes even cover my embarrassing knees. And they are kind of dressy and kind of stretchy. Do Not Tumble Dry. Fancy.

I wore my surf shirt today from Wellen Surf Co and a pink American Giant San Francisco shirt (I wanted to make the Cali kids feel comfy)

Went for brown shoes (San Antonio Shoemakers) and brown belt (RPMWest, RIP), blue purple and grey socks because I don't have much variety to choose from in short socks (Pact fair trade organic cotton socks grown/made in India) and don't know where to get any more
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American Giant sweatshirt, flint and tinder tshirt, mollusk surf co hat, RPMWest (rip) denim jeans-- I got asked again if I wanted the military discount.
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It's orange and green day for me.

San Antonio Shoe company shoes colored with orange highlighter; American giant tshirt and Henley; flint and tinder jeans
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weeds the size of trees are cool

Flint and Tinder pants, shirt and polo; RPMWest (RIP) raw denim jacket; San Antonio Shoe Company shoes
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I chose my color palette based on this thingy from the internet. I don't know if it worked!

Classic shoe on sink pose. I don't think my shoes/socks match the outfit. I swapped shoes because it was raining, and I didn't want to get my brown shoes wet (although I don't know if brown would have matched, and the socks probably still would not have matched?).

I colored my shoes with a highlighter. No more Packers colors! Got sick of people thinking I liked football when I don't.
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When I was a kid, we got embarrassed if our knees ever showed in our shorts. My how styles have changed. Now I'm just happy to keep my inner-thighs covered.

Flint and Tinder made in Texas Oxford, American Giant t-shirt, Flint and Tinder shorts

I think my shorts match, but they don't really "go" with the outfit. Looked better on the hanger! I think maybe a darker top would have worked better, or lighter bottom. Hm.

Socks? Yeah, don't think they match. I don't have many short socks to choose from.

I hope someday I get used to shorts that only go to the top of my knees. Any longer is now fashion murder, according to the kids, almost as bad as wearing black with brown! (I still don't get that one.) Maybe once my knees get a little more sun it'll be okay. I am such a strangely-colored person.
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Blue nylon/polyester/spandex pants (NYC--I thought they were going to be cotton when I bought them!), Wellen surf button-up (California), Columbia Knits sweater (Portland, OR)
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...when I left the house for like an hour...

Same Flint and Tinder indigo, straight, stretchy jeans
American Giant t-shirt
American Giant sweatshirt
matching socks!! (pact Organic, fair trade from India)

new shoes )

I'd been agonizing for months. It's hard to find shoes made in the USA, much less decent ones, much less ethical ones, much less...

I also ramble about shoes and ethics here... ) Shoes are really damn hard to buy.

And if you think all my rambling, stress, anxiety and wasted time on shoes is bad, you should hear about all my stress and wasted time trying to find a new TV. Believe me, there is NOTHING ethical about TVs. And if ethical compromise is rough, let me tell you about all the compromises trying to find an affordable 4k, HDR TV with no input lag for both modern, and HDMI-capable retro, video games! It is enough to make me stick with my tiny postage stamp TV. (If I'd just gotten a big TV to begin with, I would not be looking for one now and could just bide my time as technology progressed.)
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I almost cancelled life today, due to tiredness and a raw and gaping hole in my soul that decides to open at unexpected times (although maybe I should expect it when I'm tired).

Sorry about my face. And the trash can.

Flint and Tinder shirt and polo, RPMWest pants (RIP, RPMWest :( )

Mom says not to wear brown with navy. The kids say not to wear brown with black. What's everybody got against brown? RPMWest, non-matching, and my face, are none of the reasons for the hole in my soul.
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American Giant sweatshirt in L (kinda wish all mine were in L instead of XL now... hard when you're between sizes), Wellen Surf Co. button-up, Flint and Tinder 365 day pants, San Antonio Shoe Company shoes

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Flint and Tinder chinos, Mollusk surf company shirt, American Giant t-shirt

I sort of failed on the whole matching front today. You can't see my brown shoes, but I don't think that was the problem. I think the brown, the salmonish, and the greyish all work. The problem is the blue shirt, which I think works well enough with the grey shirt, just not with the pants? I don't know. Matching is really hard.

That's quite a large chart! )
I use this chart pretty much daily and thought I was following it well enough. I guess not!

I wish someone would make an app for matching outfits. I'd pay... uh... as much as $1.99 for it.

some rambling... )

Well, actually, those few extra minutes do matter. I was slammed at work all day, rode bike home, did laundry and some dishes and other chores, got stuff ready for tomorrow, made supper, ate supper, and now it is nearly 8pm. It sucks never having time in the evenings. How do people live like this? I thought I'd save time riding bike home instead of working out, but it didn't seem like it. (I did leave a little late.) Meanwhile, the folks that ignored me all weekend, when I have time, are blowing up my phone while I'm at work and this evening when I have no time. That's how it goes!

I'll admit, I did a little shopping, too. I bought a bike helmet (found one that isn't so dorky!), some shorts, a long-sleeve undershirt, some pants, and... a lawnmower! The lawnmower was $50 and actually cheaper than the pants by quite a lot and even cheaper than the bike helmet. Everything I bought is made in the USA to maintain my judgmental manufacturing nerd credibility.

cut for giant photo of $50 lawnmower I bought )
It has no motor. I think I will prefer it. I do not like loud noise unless it's music of my choosing or music I am playing manually.
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Sorry about my face. A guy had just sprinted in and was laying out his colon in the stall behind me, so I was a little disturbed. Although I'm sorry about my face most of the time anyway.

(American Giant t-shirt, Braintree eco organic longsleeve, All-American Clothing cargo shorts)

more photos of stuff besides me )