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"Anyway, I think Saturday Scholars is especially important for our elementary ed. folks to get in on. They’re the ones who need to get used to dealing with partially causing the sorrow and self-loathing that develops during childhood."
November 7th, 2002
Advisory Board Meeting
Jesse Dylan Watson, secretary

Note: As it has been a very long time since this meeting took place, my recollection of it is lacking, I fear. Thus, I’m going to take this opportunity to let you into my art form. These minutes will be conveyed exactly as my notes dictate—completely random, confusing, chaotic and nonsensically, without me even bothering to elaborate on anything or make it presentable or understandable. Enjoy!

Advisory Board Nov. 7th

Start – 7:15pm

[Dad] yammers la la la
thinks we’ll hit 50 by end of academic year

Halloween was great – ran out of candy

Aaron joins board

Evangelist in Fatigues

Coat check
6:15 Wed. 13th
until 1 hour or so after
Need people

[Kirsti] CSO
Dec 9th Lottery
SA Day - Nov. 20th Wed
- 9-11 Old Main free cider
- 11-1 Student union and donuts

adjourned – 7:45pm

I hope you enjoyed this trip down nonsense lane!
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"The gloriously radiant secretary with hair of summer flame, eyes of the heavens and a face of sunlight then reminded everyone that Holly and Drew as members-at-large was actually his idea in the first place."

Oct. 17, 2002 General Meeting Minutes
Jesse Dylan Watson (secretary)

The entire advisory board showed up (except for Chrystal Ruby who, again, has class during our meeting times and should not be expected to skip it just for us—I understand it’s difficult to find a meeting time that works for everyone, but I know Chrystal would like to come if she could, and I’d like to see her there; can’t we work something out?). A sad and paltry amount of others were in attendance, but I was happy to see Amanda Brunner, who we will unfortunately lose next semester (she’s transferring for reasons of majors). It was fun to have you around, Amanda! Kathy (sp?) Spies also came and was frustrated throughout (but weren’t we all).

This sad lack of “general” honors society members may be due to a lack of a properly punctual e-mail being sent out by the secretary because he can’t keep much track of himself, much less the time of month (but boy is he pretty!). It may also be that they found the last meeting annoying and didn’t want to attend a repeat performance. Should this be the case, they would be pleased to know that if they thought the last meeting was bad, this one was even worse. God rest their souls.
even wallier wall o' text, as I had really gotten my groove on by October, 2002 )
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I think this one actually took place before the previous one. Woops. This one isn't very funny, either.
"Most of us have ADD in the extreme, and the lovely, almost woman-like in his beauty but man-like in his tremendous resolve and power, secretary laid down his weary head and wept, once again, at the condition of humanity."

Sept. 12 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

(A Brief Note: This is my first time and, really, I have no idea what I’m doing. Thus, if there are problems with how these minutes are written, please let me know in a kindly fashion. Remember, all I get out of this job is pizza.)

Absent was Ryan Voight, who was rather ill, and the President, who did eventually roll in at 7:22 and told us not to ask. We all assumed gastric difficulty was the cause of her tardiness, because she said she was not making out, nor has she been for days, possibly weeks. Kirsten wasn’t present, but Amanda gave the report for her. I also believe Kathy was possibly supposed to be there, but she wasn’t (and we don’t blame her one bit.) Also present was Hercules the Pug.

President Jen’s Report
#1 was to welcome us back. Jen’s glad we’re safe.
#2 was that we’re planning to turn Chris’s truck into the Titanic hitting the Island of Misfit Scholars. (Hopefully there will be no injuries this year, as this tends to be a complex and problematic process.)
#3 was to delegate general committees (and a general groan was emitted by all present).
Website: Ryan Voight
T-shirts: Jen
Community Events: Chrystal
(Injected here was the thought that Campus Coffee Break should be discussed next meeting. This is either under Community Events or Social Events, we’re not certain.)
Creole Fest: Jesse (depressingly)
Fundraising: Veronica
Hamlet’s Mill: Kathy

Note: Please join a committee or two. Work stinks.

Note on Creole Fest: We’re thinking of doing it in stages, like monthly, and doing it at nursing homes such as Milton Young Towers. The old folks appreciate this, and it would be a good community event. Everyone in Minot is invited.

CSO (Kirsti’s report, as delivered by Amanda, with Amanda’s own report interspersed)
Amanda talked a bit about funding and how we’ll actually acquire funds this year. It was all important but shan’t be included in its entirety here. The main point was that, in order to achieve fundage, whatever we ask for, we must already have. That is to say, they will basically double what we have now (or can get), which isn’t much, but that’s how it goes. (The general tone was upbeat, so no worries. Someone should donate a guitar, though. See Vice Presidential Report.)
Checking: $230
Savings: $358.64
Our debt to Maggie, but not society, is finally paid, and Amanda is on crutches because of it. Let this lesson be learned. It’s lucky we don’t owe Maggie interest, or we’d all be broken men and women.

Vice President Veronica
Basically, she (and the rest of us) think music is important and that the honors room should have musical instruments. For starters, we think an acoustic guitar would be nice. If one is not donated, we may take up a collection or something.

Hercules was asleep at 8:00, and I was close to it.
At 8:10, we dispersed, with joyous shouts of triumph and glee, and President Jen climbed back into the jacket on the wall to hibernate until the next meeting.
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When I was 20 or so, a friend and I ran elections and took over the honors society at the local university. I promptly flunked out of the honors program (hey, 2 years is a decent run considering I was on academic probation the whole time), but not before writing 10-20 sets of weird minutes. I feel they should be cataloged here for posterity. Sorry about the formatting, but I don't actually care?
"Veronica needed to leave really badly, but she couldn’t, because we’re slow as molasses in a month of Sundays in winter walking to school uphill both ways with no shoes and no toilet paper and in diapers randomly attached to limbs in order to craft a snow-suit and combat the wicked winter wonderland and Funion-breath (munch)."

Sept. 19, 2002 General Meeting Minutes
Jesse Dylan Watson (secretary)

In attendance, surprisingly, was the entire advisory board, except for Chrystal Ruby (and I’m sure she would have been there had the rest of us somehow, mercifully, failed to show up). Heading up the pack of “can it really be him, or is it just a mirage??” sightings was Joseph Brewer. Also present: Courtney and Krista from the “when in the hell do I graduate?” squad. It was also nice (and in some cases not so nice) to meet many of the freshmen and freshwomen (although I admit the women were a bit fresher than the men—it’s just a particular of the gender, methinks). Attending were Krista Friesen (not to be confused with Krista Doubek, the true jock-strap of the organization, above), the biology guy with the poofy hair who refuses to date me (Drew Henry), Holly Ames (who Joe seemed to fancy), and Zach Grant (the scary art major my girlfriend had a lot to say about—all, ahem, good things, of course). There may have been others present who weren’t able to get a writing utensil to properly put a check beside their name.

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